PricewaterhouseCoopers Nigeria

  Founded in 1998 as a result of a merger between Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, PricewaterhouseCoopers is an accounting firm that has been ranked on many occasions as one of the best firms to work for. Both companies, however, started individual operations back in the 19th century. PwC is one of the Big […]

Procter and Gamble Nigeria

Procter and Gamble Nigeria Founded by William Procter and James Gamble in 1837, Procter and Gamble is an American company that specialises in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Otherwise known as P&G, the multinational corporation has a wide range of products in diverse markets including cleaning agents, hygiene products, beauty products, personal care, and more. […]

How focus affects creativity

What happens to creative abilities when you focus your attention on just one thing? Attention is a bit of a mystery when it comes to the science of how it actually works. Your senses are consistently taking information into the brain as neurochemical or electrical signals, millions of signals every second, where each signal is […]

5 Reasons Why You Must Enlist Your Business In Online Directory

Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology’s impact on business, society, and culture. Click to add your business here if you have any problem adding your business please call/text/whatsapp 08035761638 skype: adedokun.bamigboye   For those who are […]

7 Tips From Successful Small Business Owners

By Kelly Spors Many long-time small business owners would agree with the line from the 1970s song by the band Faces: “I wish that I knew what I know now.” Over years of running a small business, owners inevitably gather many lessons about how to grow and run a business more effectively. Thankfully, many of […]