he company has increased in working capital and thereby increasingly meeting up with customers needs.

Godwill uselu is planning to open more branches to facilitate operations and to reduce cost of operations, like having representative in major cities of western Europe, western America, Asia and most dominantly in southwestern part of Nigeria then finally to other parts of Africa.

The company is working internally in not only on finances but also on increasing the line of products and services rendered to customers because they(customers) are the bloodstream of the company which the board of director’s have subscribed to when the last 2014 Quarter-meeting was held on February 11th 2015.

Other measures are under the way to tackle problems arising from our different operations in order to enhance and guarantee our clients satisfactions like goods and services and payment reaching them early enough because this is the spirit of cooperation between Godwill Uselu Investment Company and our business associates.

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8 A.M TO 12 P.M/ 1 P.M TO 5 P.M


8 A.M TO 12 P.M/ 1 P.M TO 5 P.M


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8 A.M TO 12 P.M/ 1 P.M TO 5 P.M


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19 USELU LAGOS ROAD, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria


6.356721, 5.618503

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